Everything you need to know about Manuka honey in Pakistan


Everything you need to know about Manuka honey

Bees never stop traveling between different plant species, foraging nectar and honeydew, to offer us a variety of honeys , which seduce by their qualities and their benefits. Here is a very specific one: Manuka honey.

Presentation of Manuka honey

Manuka honey is a highly regarded monofloral honey with a unique composition . It is a refined, delicious and high quality product. It takes its name from a shrub native to New Zealand. It is also found in Australia.

The manuka gives off a beautiful scent both from its leaves and from its pink and white flowers.

His characteristics

– Texture: creamy
– Color: very dark
– Odor: reminiscent of eucalyptus
– Flavor: very strong

Flowering and harvesting of Manuka

Manuka flowers have a very short lifespan. It does not exceed 6 weeks. This is what forces the bees to forage on them in record time.

Its benefits and virtues

If manuka honey was once given the nickname of the nectar of the gods, it was not by pure chance. Indeed, it is a honey that is distinguished by the plurality of its virtues and its benefits on the human body.

The secret of Manuka honey is above all in methylglyoxal , a molecule renamed Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) and which has become a quality benchmark for determining the antibacterial properties of honey. It exists in other varieties of honey, but its content is much higher in Manuka honey. It is also this high concentration of methylgloyoxal that makes manuka honey a powerful, if not the most powerful, antibacterial. Its antibacterial enzymes even have the power to resist light and heat. This is one of the reasons why in some cases it has even been shown to be more effective than antibiotics.

Manuka honey is an excellent antiseptic, which helps fight against:

  • bronchitis
  • angina
  • sinusitis
  • gingivitis
  • caries
  • canker sore
  • staphylococcus aureus
  • nosocomial diseases
  • intestinal infections
  • stomach ulcer
  • edemas

Like any other honey, manuka honey has a healing effect . But, it is best known for being an excellent healer for burns, deep wounds and ulcers, especially in people with diabetes. Studies have shown that its effectiveness is far superior to that of other varieties of honey.

Its use

Manuka honey is used in different ways, depending on the nature of the disease you want to cure.

To heal a deep wound or one that is struggling to heal, it is advisable to apply a layer of honey 0.5 cm thick, as a bandage or poultice, renewable every 2 to 3 days.

Considering its effectiveness in treating sore throats, consider taking 2 tablespoons per day of Manuka honey. To be consumed plain or diluted in a drink preferably hot.

If you have just started as a beekeeper, or are a simple hobbyist. Have you just acquired your first colony? There are procedures and rules to follow. That is why, in this article, we are going to explain how to make your bee farm sustainable. 

Declare your hive

When you own a beehive you are required to declare it . Indeed, according to French law, all beekeepers are required to  declare their bee colonies ( whether they are owners or only holders ) each year between September 1 and December 31. In this declaration you must in particular specify the number and location of your hives . 

All hives must be declared, regardless of their size (fertilization hives or hives).  

The purpose of this declaration is to provide a better knowledge of the French beekeeping population, and help with health management (in particular to help fight against certain parasites). 

But this declaration also has another function. It makes it possible to obtain European aid . In particular within the framework of the European Beekeeping Plan , whose mission is to support the implementation of actions in favor of the French beekeeping sector.

How to declare your hive?

The declaration of your hive can be done online. Via the form of “declaration of possession and location of hives (Cerfa 13995 * 04)”. It is also the most popular method among beekeepers because of its speed and ease. This online procedure (formerly Télérucher) has even been simplified to be even faster and more intuitive. This online declaration will allow you to instantly obtain a receipt . 

When making this declaration, you will need to provide your NAPI number (beekeeper number). If you don’t have one yet (because it’s your first colony) or have lost it, you can get a new one immediately. It is this procedure that allows new beekeepers to obtain their NAPI .

If you don’t have the Internet, fear not. It is quite possible to make this declaration by post. You just have to fill in the Cerfa 13995 * 04 document  and send it by post to the DGAL (Declaration of hives). Please note, however, that you must send this declaration during the mandatory declaration period (from September 1 to December 31).

It is important to note that it takes two months from receipt of the mail to receive your receipt of declaration of hives. Any declaration sent outside the mandatory period, or on plain paper, or on another Cerfa form, will not be admissible. 

Diversify your production

The profession of beekeeper is a difficult profession. Indeed, it is subject to the vagaries of nature. This is why in order to be able to cope financially, and therefore to perpetuate the operation, most beekeepers are diversifying . 

In addition, diversifying your production will allow you to meet the diverse needs of your customers. To retain them, and perhaps even to attract new customers . To do this you can diversify the kinds of honey you sell (acacia honey, cherry tree honey, etc.).

You can also play with textures and flavors. Do not hesitate to expand your product line either. You can make gingerbread, candy, nougat, cereal bars, among other things … It’s up to you to let your creativity and your know-how express itself! 

In order to sustain your bee farm, it is first of all important, it goes without saying, to take good care of it. Indeed, this is where its development and therefore profitability largely depends. Do not forget to take out all your administrative obligations. Finally, to ensure income and the longevity of your operation, diversify your product line.

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